Monday, July 6, 2009

A Blog Just for Me!

Wow, my own blog. Funny that I've loved reading different blogs for years, but haven't done it myself. I'm not sure why tonight was the night either. Could be the late night quilt sewing while watching "The Sound of Music" that has my blogging instincts going, or it might not be. Who knows?

My plan for this blog is to document my crafty pursuits, which are many. I'm pretty ADD in my crafting (some might say in everything?!?) Anyhow, a sampling of my crafty impulses includes: knitting, beading, spinning, sewing, quilting, ceramics, basket weaving, Ukranian egg decorating, felting... Besides documenting ongoing craftiness via words, I plan on including a wide variety of pictures. I WILL TAKE MORE PICTURES! (a little promise to myself).

So here it goes! My new blog. Congrats to me!